Why Use The Arts?

Why the arts

To shed light

To make sense

To safely share your story

To shift patterns

To play out alternatives

To heal with grit or grace but always creatively empowering




Having worked with a lot of different types of people throughout my career I have noticed that the creative process allows people to work safely and effectively, to heal and discover themselves and improve their situations beyond their own expectations.


Coming from an artistic family background, I have used the Arts myself to digest and make sense of what was going on and also in times of extreme stress and difficulties. I have experienced the powerful effects of creativity and the Arts on my own psyche and that of others.

This does not mean you have to be an artist for Arts Psychotherapy to be a powerful resource in your life. This is where I can guide you to discover your innate creativity in whatever form works best for you.



Research in neuroscience and human attachments has shown the phenomenal impact of the Arts on brain activity and even re-wiring of neurological pathways.

For example in the case of childhood neglect and abuse – new neurological pathways can be stimulated to create an ability for new relationship and behaviour patterns. This can open up the possibility for deep and lasting positive change.


We gain access to a vast resource for problem solving and superb discovery of our own subconscious attitudes and behaviour patterns which can keep us blocked if they are not brought to light. This “bringing to light” in form and colour or even sense and sound can be then explored to make sense of what has happened so far, and what can happen in the future, and the discovery of untapped resources within your creative self.


The Creative Process…

Allows even adults to return to an almost playful state and very resourceful frame of mind which helps to process issues we may have felt but not understood for a long time. Even in acute cases of mental distress or after a traumatic event the use of art materials allows us to use the safe containment of an image to digest what has happened and make sense of it, instead of keeping it festering in a hidden recess of our psyche.


Our Stories…

We all have inner stories we tell ourselves in order to make sense of our lives and experiences, the world we live in and our place in it. When these stories are a result of very painful events we can get stuck in a vicious circle.


What if…

…we had a creative space where we could shed light on these inner stories and feel safe enough to “play” with alternative endings or shifting relationships, which help us to thrive rather than shrink back?

These are some of the main reasons I use the creative Arts in Therapy.