Questions & Answers

Do I need to know how to draw or be creative?

No, the way art is used is more playful and explorative. You will have a chance to try out different things and discover your preferred method in a very free but supported way.

How long is therapy?

The assessment session is 1 hour to discuss what needs to be covered. Each is 50 minutes, but how many sessions you require will be up to you and me to discuss, and it often relates to how long the issue has been there. A minimum of six sessions tends to be needed to get to know each other and address issues that are troubling you.

How can a picture make a difference?!?

We all have mental images, which guide our everyday lives, roles we perform and relationships we experience. Becoming more aware of these pictures gives us a chance to make sense of them and closealternatives, where needed. Images are the deepest language of the soul and can be worked with very openly and effectively.