About Ulrike

I have over 20 years of counselling experience abroad, and here in the UK since 2003. I gained my MA in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy in Islington, London. My work has been in primary schools and more recently in forensic mental health (private) as well as the NHS in Palliative Care specialising in End of Life Care, Pre- and Post- Bereavement as well as staff support and debriefing.

I work flexibly between counselling approaches and Arts Psychotherapy to accommodate each individual. This way I can offer a wide range of resources for a tailored support of each person and their specific needs.

Issues I Have worked with

Trauma, End of Life, Body Image Issues, Depression, Pre- and Post- Bereavement, Cancer Survivorship, Relationship Conflicts, Critical Debriefing, Miscarriage, Loss of Employment & Re-structuring, Low Self-Confidence, Pain Management, Existential and Spiritual Crisis.

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