I'm an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist 

I have used creativity for a long time to support people towards much needed healing, change, and empowerment.

To have one's inner needs met at a time of acute crisis or as a support to address longstanding life patterns is no luxury but a fundamental resource to live a fulfilled life. It is as much of a luxury as having our car repaired and serviced if we want it to perform well...

...We often expect ourselves to continue to perform well even when we've broken down and need time out to repair...        

Do You ever wish you could just DRAW THE LINE ...
...under all the things that make life difficult?

Life does not always go to plan or we have forgotten that there ever was a plan. Even the strongest person can find himself or herself feeling lost and uncomfortably vulnerable.

A time of emotional or even psychological pain is the time to find someone to help you "DRAW THE LINE".
I like this play on words because it uses the power of drawing, for change and empowerment, to take control back where it's been lost.

"It's Good To Talk" Campaign by BACP
(British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy)

This recent campaign has been helping more and more people feel able to reach out and ask for the help they need.